A Wide Range Of Magento Enterprise Development Solutions

O360 has a team of certified and highly experienced Magento developers. We are also one of the well-known Magento development companies in Australia. This allows us to make your platform – after the migration – give a significantly improved experience for you and your customers. If you are still using Magento 1, it’s high time to go for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration service as the platform stopped its support to the initial version from June 2020.

We complete Magento 2 upgrade services in four stages:

Custom Magento Enterprise Development

Magento Support Services

You can select a wide range of support and maintenance services with O360 and ensure the seamless functioning of your Magento Ecommerce. You can choose the support packages based on your business plans, requirements, and challenges.

Migration To Magento

24*7 Accessibility

Do you want to ensure your customers a seamless service experience with no downtime or functionality issues? We offer Magento maintenance and support services 24*7 to help our clients to make continuous sales.

Responsive Magento Enterprise Solutions

Focus On Growth

Grab every sales opportunity utilising the best of technology and marketing trends. Create a seamless journey for your customers by addressing every bottleneck on your Ecommerce and offering them an advanced online shopping experience.

Magento Consulting Services

Boost Performance

The loading and scalability of your pages are critical for excellent customer engagement and optimal conversion. We will ensure that your pages always show breakneck efficiency, and customers find your store a high-performance Ecommerce business they can trust.

Magento 2 Implementation

Stay Updated

Magento comes with updates to make the Ecommerce platform more secure and advanced from time to time. It is important that these updates are best tuned and incorporated in the mainstream to enhance the performance of your business. Our experienced Magento developers will take on the technical aspects of the updates and ensure their full potential.

Magento 2 Migration


Do you experience glitches in your Magento features and functionalities? Are you struggling to manage the business due to a lack of visibility of the processes? Regardless of the type of issues you experience with your Magento store, our team can quickly diagnose and rectify them for seamless Ecommerce operations.

Magento Backend Development

Installation And Upgradation

We offer comprehensive installation and up-gradation services for Magento Ecommerce businesses. Whether you want installation or up-gradation, it is a complex technical job as you want to tune the system for high traffic. You also want the best features, customisation, and optimal performance to make the system deliver the best return on investment.

Magento Support & Maintenance

Support And Training

We will also offer guidance and assistance throughout your business journey. If you are moving to an advanced Ecommerce system like Magento 2, your workforce would need quality training for seamless business operations from the backend. And O360 can help onboard your team to the new environment with need-based and effective training programs.

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Integration Of ERP And CRM

The seamless data exchange between your systems is important for business visibility and control. For data integrity, we integrate Magento stores with various backend systems, including ERPs, CRMs, accounting tools, POS, marketing systems, and more. We will also streamline your processes with the automation of mundane tasks to help you achieve organisational excellence.

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Comprehensive Magento 2 Upgrade Services

Run Your Ecommerce Smoothly With Comprehensive Magento Support

O360 is one of the trusted names for development and Magneto support in Australia, with clients including some of the leading brands in the country. As the primary option for medium and large businesses to launch their sales platforms, Magento is a continually evolving Ecommerce ecosystem.

It introduces new features, customisation options, security functionalities and more to help their clients taste success in their ventures. Therefore, the development of Magento Ecommerce alone doesn’t guarantee you the best of the platform. You need to ensure that every update is tuned to your growth goals and that Ecommerce is customised to what the market demands.

We offer an excellent range of Magento services, including Magento 2 migration, SEO, installation of extensions, catalogue updates, generation of reports, and much more. With our deeper understanding of various Ecommerce business models and expectations of the market, we will deliver robust Magento solutions that help you get an edge over your competitors.

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Why Choose O360? For Magento Support Services?

At O360 is not only one of the leading Magento support companies in Australia, but it also offers an excellent range of spectrum of development and digital services. Whether you want backend development, SEO services, social media marketing, Magento feature development, or any other service, you will get everything under one roof by choosing us.

The highlights of our Magento support services are the following:


Agile Development

O360 follows agile development methods for Magento and other development services. This helps us complete each project with superior quality while ensuring excellent collaboration by your team. You get the opportunity to check the project at regular intervals as we complete the Magento development in phases.

Therefore, you can request us any change or addition of new features while the project is undergoing. And we can quickly incorporate them into the project without much overhaul or at no significant additional expenses.


Latest Development Trends

O360 follows the latest development trends as we take every opportunity to strengthen our clients’ business. Whether you want voice-search capabilities, AI-based chatbots, or AR/VR functionalities to enhance customer engagement, our experienced developers can make your Ecommerce pages give a next-level shopping experience to customers.

Do you want specific solutions to improve customer engagement or simplify your business operations? Connect with our Magento experts to develop Ecommerce features from scratch.

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Superior Safety And Security

We know how much your customers appreciate getting a safe shopping experience on your platform. At O360, we are updated with the latest Ecommerce and Data security threats and solutions. We will ensure that your Ecommerce store is best protected from various breach attempts and attacks with multifactor authentication for systems and payments, SSL certification, secure backup practices, firewalls, and more.

We will make your Ecommerce resilient to phishing, SQL injection attacks, spamming, man-in-the-middle attacks, and various other major and minor threats.


Magento-Certified Developers

As a leading Magento support company in Australia, we have a team of certified Magento developers to give you service based on Magento standards and guidelines. We have created development practices completely aligned with the Magento developer guide. Therefore, our Magento Ecommerce solutions give you optimal performance and make your operations compliant with the industry guidelines.

We follow a clean code policy that allows you to expand your Ecommerce or add new features at any time without any issues.


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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you provide Magento support packages?

Of course, O360 offers a number of Magento support service packages to get quick assistance and guidance with 24*7 accessibility. Based on your business volume and the complex features of your Ecommerce store, you can choose the right plan and ensure relentless operations.

See our Magento support packages here and choose the best one for you. Do you have complex requirements, or are you searching for tailored plans based on your need? Talk to our Magento consultants today to create the right plan for you.