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Delivering value

Delivering value

As a high-quality software company in Australia, O360 gives a new way of thinking about how your business can deliver value through digital solutions. We create a culture with our solutions that help you search for opportunities and deliver values in innovative and new ways. Therefore, it is also an opportunity for you to expand your service spectrum, resulting in new business models.

Hyper-Focused On Customer Experience

Hyper-Focused On Customer Experience

The end-user experience is the prime factor in digital business success. O360 takes it to heart and develops solutions that give the next-level customer experience through advanced features and customer engagement options. We make solutions based on the priorities and expectations of your customers, so your workflow and processes are centred on them.

Hyper-Focused On Customer Experience

O360 Integrator

Destination For Your Next-Level Digital Transformation

O360 is a team of highly experienced business solution consultants, software and web developers, project managers, content developers, UX/UI consultants, integration specialists, and more. Our unmatched expertise guarantees you tailored and meaningful solutions to your business requirements.

Our solutions include the following:

Website Design & Development

Create a custom website with end-to-end service from project scoping and designing to ongoing maintenance with Australia’s leading web development company. We provide website design and development by understanding your business goals, learning your customers’ persona, the challenges of your industry, and the transitions expected in the industry in future.

Therefore, we offer flexible, advanced, and tailored website solutions that give you a total transformation and focus for your business. From visual design and theme to backend operations, the website solution significantly improves the interaction and engagement with your customers and streamlines your processes.

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Website Design & Development

Custom Software Development

Your business model, industry, and process flow may be demanding you out-of-box solutions for various reasons. No matter you want to address your current business challenges or modernise your systems, O360 can help you with comprehensive custom software development services.

Our experience in identifying business challenges, design thinking, and providing meaningful technology solutions guarantee you the ideal solution you want. We focus on optimising the process flow, giving a competitive advantage, and improving customer experience through our custom software development solutions. .

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Custom Software Development

ERP Integration

No matter you have an Ecommerce platform, POS, or any other B2C or B2B system, your ERP is the core system for your backend operations. The lack of integration between your frontend system with ERP or ERP with other backend systems can lead to data inconsistency and process efficiency issues – an aspect that can put your customers’ trust and revenue at stake.

O360 offers custom ERP integration solutions, module by module and data field by data field, to ensure seamless data flow between systems. Our integration specialists will map your data flow based on your workflow and automate repetitive and mundane tasks in your processes to make your business operations efficient and more focused.

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Web Dev.

Ecommerce Website Development

Create your unique infrastructure for business success with custom Ecommerce website development. As a custom web app development company, we develop advanced Ecommerce solutions from scratch to help businesses get the ideal platform for customer engagement, sales, and growth. Whether you prefer chatbots, push notification options, personalised pricing, voice search capabilities, or any other advanced features to increase customer engagement, we guarantee you all-inclusive solutions.

Our solutions best reflect your customers’ purchasing habits and online behaviour as we develop each product after thorough research, prototyping, and conceptualisation. We create search-engine friendly, customer-centric, responsive, and scalable Ecommerce solutions to ensure optimal conversion.

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Ecommerce Website Development

Magento Development

If you want a Magento store that is tuned to your needs, connect with our Magento experts for custom Ecommerce development. From theme selection to creating single-page checkouts, we can ensure that your new Magento store is designed and developed to enhance the customer experience. While incorporating every new feature, we will ensure that it doesn’t bring down the store’s performance.

Magento offers features, extensions, and plugins for a tailored Ecommerce experience. We can identify the right features and extensions that can simplify your process flow and maximise conversion. If you want specific features to improve your business operations or engage your customers better and there are no extensions available, we can develop them from scratch as a custom software company.

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Magento Development

Shopify Development

Choosing custom Shopify development gives you the advantage of using the Shopify ecosystem’s best features while tuning the store to stand out from the competitors. Based on your project plan and business goals, we can extend existing functionalities or create new features to help you serve customers better. Your customers will enjoy their shopping with customised search filters, easy checkout options, highly engaging themes, and more.

Not only with the development and creation of custom features, but we also make your Shopify store SEO friendly and integrate with various analytics tools to give total control of your campaigns. Our Shopify developers will also optimise your store for conversion and help you maximise sales.

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Shopify Development

Woocommerce Deveopment

O360 offers custom WooCommerce development to help businesses get complete flexibility of their Ecommerce store. The custom development allows you to quickly launch your online store as we build the store from the WooCommerce platform and retain the best features of it.

With detailed refinement and customisation, we create triggers for customer tendencies and buying behaviour of the visitors. Segmenting customers and offering them a personalised shopping experience can improve your sales. We will also optimise your store for optimal conversion by utilising data and your customers’ priorities.

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Woocommerce Development

Ecommerce Features

Do you want specific Ecommerce features to streamline your processes or engage your customers better? Give a shape to your idea and develop features to transform your business with O360. Whether you want to give special pricing for customers, create a wish list feature, or additional security options, our expertise can guarantee you quick development of the functionalities.

We develop features and functionalities that go well with your existing systems as a custom software development company. With clean and reusable code, the features make no performance lags on your Ecommerce store. Discuss your specific needs with our project manager today and help us develop the features and functionalities for you.

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Ecommerce Features

API Integration

Create data connections between your systems with API integration for seamless data communication. It helps you minimise manual processes by automation, ensure accurate data on systems, and enable the management of complete processes from a single dashboard. O360 offers API integration that helps you map the data flow based on your workflow to achieve organisational efficiency.

What if one of your systems doesn’t have APIs from the system provider to integrate? Our developers can create APIs based on the data flow and ensure data connections between your systems.

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API Integration

Why Choose O360?

O360 is an advanced digital and software solutions provider focusing on transforming businesses to be smart, competitive, and advanced. The unmatched expertise of O360 in the digital ecosystem and custom software development guarantees you solutions for your business challenges.

The highlighting factors of O360 that make us the ideal partner for your digital and software solution needs are the following:


Your Progress Partner

As an advanced web and software development company in Australia, O360 is focused on helping its clients to stay aligned to their growth goals with disruptive solutions. With end-to-end web design and development, digital marketing, Ecommerce consultation, integration, custom software development, and more, we are the destination for your innovation needs in the digital ecosystem.


Latest Development Trends

We create advanced websites, Ecommerce stores, and software solutions that give businesses an edge over their competitors. We make this possible by following the latest trends of the respective industries and standardised development practices. Whether you want to create chatbots for your Ecommerce or custom software to track the performance of your processes, our developers can create solutions best replicating your requirements.


Innovating Thinking

At O360, we promote a culture of innovative thinking to give meaningful solutions to our client’s business challenges and requirements. Therefore, we will give thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to shape your project plan and develop it as a powerful business solution. From UI and customer engagement to solving the underlying issues of your business, we will ensure that you get solutions that are aligned with what the industry demands. Our expertise, experimental mindset, and commitment to developing innovative solutions will guarantee you the finest systems.


A Team Of Expert Developers

O360 has a team of diversely experienced developers who are capable of creating unique solutions. Our developers are certified or verified in the respective areas of development, ensuring qualified services to our clients. We have established clean coding practices and standard development procedures to ensure the seamless performance of the systems. This allows our clients to expand the features or customise the platforms further at any time without hassles.


Data Protection And Security

We ensure superior data protection and security for our systems no matter you want a website, Ecommerce, custom software, or any other system. Our systems are resilient to IP spoofing, eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other major and minor threats and attacks. We assess every risk factor of the systems and minimise them with firewalls, secure backup practices, two-factor authentication for systems, and more.


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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best web development company in Australia?

There are a number of web development companies in Australia that provide high-quality web development solutions. However, choosing the right web developer should be based on your specific project needs. The expertise of the company in developing specific platforms like Magento and Shopify is critical when you want to choose Ecommerce on those platforms.

Choosing a web development agency that provides end-to-end service, including web designing, SEO, system integration, and more, can help you get a comprehensive service at a more affordable price tag. O360 is an end-to-end web development company in Australia, and we can provide Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or any other Ecommerce or CMS development. We can also develop websites from scratch in a quick turnaround. Talk to our business consultants today to learn more.

How much does it cost to build a website in Australia?

There is no single pricing for building a website in Australia due to businesses having different requirements. For instance, you might want a service platform, Ecommerce store, or a site to publish your content. Similarly, you may also have priorities regarding the website features, the platform to which the site is to be built, the quickness of the service, and more.

Additionally, you may require a specific number of pages for your site based on the number of products or services. The amount of copywriting required and the need for SEO services can also reflect on the total of the service. Connect with O360 to get accurate costs for developing your website in Australia with FREE website development consultation. Our business consultants will listen to your needs and provide you with a FREE quote, including the website development plan.

What is a web developer do?

Web developers create the pages, features, functionalities, and more of a website. Most web developers are either frontend or backend developers of websites based on their skills and expertise. However, versatile programmers develop both frontend and backend, and they are generally called full-stack developers.

While front-end developers create the visual elements and frontend features that the users usually see, backend developers take care of behind-the-scene systems and structures. The most common frontend programming languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. Ruby, Python, and SQL are the choices for backend development.

How do I create a custom web application?

Developing a custom web application is a lengthy process that starts with the ideation stage. The stage includes conceiving a project idea, doing market research, and defining functionality. This is followed by design, development, and launch stages. The development includes the creation of both frontend and backend features. Importantly, you should have excellent knowledge of frontend and backend development languages, frameworks, technologies, feature options, and more to create a web application.

It also involves content creation for the web application and optimising pages for improved traffic on search engines. Your web application should also be integrated with various backend systems for seamless operations. If you think that you don’t have the expertise to manage end-to-end development, connect with O360 for a complete, high-quality service.

What are web application development services?

As the name suggests, companies or individuals offer these services to develop web applications based on clients’ needs. Modern web development standards demand highly skilled developers, whether for overhauling the existing web application or developing from scratch. It requires meticulous ideation and design conceiving stage, followed by content development, web development, integration, testing, and launch.

Choosing a professional web development company can help you get end-to-end services from a single provider. It guarantees you faster delivery of projects and makes the service cheaper than choosing individual providers for each service.

How much does custom software development cost?

The capabilities, features, size, complexity, and the need for integration with other systems are key factors that decide the cost of custom software development. Importantly, small-scale software usually costs between $10,000 to $500,000, whereas mid-market software may range between $45,000 to $5,000,000.

On the other hand, enterprise-level software may cost you from $200,000 to $1,000,000,000. If you have a custom software project in mind and want to know the development cost with a FREE consultation, feel free to connect with O360. Our business consultants can help you understand the software development process, create a development plan for you, and provide you with an obligation-free quote.