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Advanced Ecommerce With Custom Features

No matter you want complete Ecommerce development or specific sets of features to make your platform empowered, O360 can serve your needs based on your requirements and your customers’ expectations. You can choose the following ranges of Ecommerce website features to be included on your platform, individually or as part of the end-to-end online platform development.


Secure Online Payments

We design Ecommerce secure for cards payment with secure credit and debit cards data cards collection by completely following the PCI DSS regulation. That means we include tokenisation, SSL protocol, 3D secure authentication, and address verification system to guarantee a highly secure online payment platform for your customers.

Plans & Recurring Payments

Plans & Recurring Payments

The website feature allows you to offer a variety of pricing plans, sell subscription plans, and collect recurring payments. Structuring recurring plans weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly can encourage your customers to choose the best filling plan based on their needs.

Customer Accounts


Give customers an option to complete the shopping and checkout with customer accounts quickly. The basic Ecommerce website feature allows customers to save their preferred payment methods and details, addresses, and more to simplify shopping.

Customised Reports


B2C and B2B ecommerce features that allow you and your teams to pull custom reports can minimise most hassles associated with reporting. Importantly, they will enable you to get insights and data to make accurate decisions on sales price, inventory management, discounts, and more.


Advanced Sorting And Filtering

Do you want to improve your customers’ shopping experience with advanced sorting and filtering options? Advanced sorting and filtering allow your customers to find their products without hassles quickly. It also comes with product search options for customers who want to find a particular product quickly.

Plans & Recurring Payments

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The feature allows you to maximise sales by identifying lost sales opportunities in abandoned carts. You can send personalised Emails with offers to maximise conversion. In many cases, customers forget to checkout, and a reminder can ensure conversion.


Multiple Currencies

If you have a global customer base and want to display the pricing in customers’ local currency, our multiple currencies can ensure that. The accurate conversion of pricing ensures minimal issues of loss due to currency exchange.

Tier Pricing

Sell On Social Channels

Do you want to market and sell your products through social media platforms? The feature allows you to market your products through social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and more, and sell to maximise profits.



Sell an excellent variety of products to your customers without worrying about inventory management. Your supplier will directly ship the product to your customer with the dropshipping feature.

Customised Reports

Product Reviews

Make the reviews of your products maximise conversion with the product reviews feature. The feature allows you to collect reviews from customers, post on the respective product pages, and earn the confidence of your customers.


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an excellent option to create brand loyalty and maximise LTV per customer. Offer coupons, points, discounts, and more to engage and attract customers at regular intervals for sales.

Plans & Recurring Payments

Headless Architecture

The separation of frontend and backend Ecommerce gives you more flexibility on product offerings. The feature also enables you to improve the customer experience. Also, it allows you to launch frontend experiences quickly.

Customer Accounts

Convert To Mobile App

Do you want to convert your Ecommerce to an Android or iOS app in a few clicks? You can convert to an app without any coding, and the entire process is completed in a few minutes.

Tier Pricing

Integration With Marketplaces

You can quickly integrate your Ecommerce with various marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and more, and list your products on the platforms to maximise sales. You can choose selected products or the entire list to be listed on the marketplace.

Customer Accounts

Social Media Integration

Social media integration lets you post your products, blogs, announcements, promotions, offers, and more on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It also allows you to monitor the campaign performance and create strategies for social media from a unified environment. No matter you want to improve the Wix Ecommerce features or Weebly Ecommerce features,

Customised Reports

Comprehensive Analytics And Conversion Tracking

It is an all-in-one analytics app to gain visibility of the Ecommerce traffic, customer behaviour, their requirements, feedback, and more. You can also get page performance, competition analysis, and campaign performance and conduct customer polls and surveys to get more customer insights.


In-store Pickup

The in-store pickup is a great option for people who stay nearby your warehouse. Also, people who want their products at the earliest find in-store pickup feature a highly convenient choice for their needs.

Plans & Recurring Payments

B2B Ecommerce Functionality

Quickly create B2B online sales options on your B2C in a few clicks. The functionality allows you to apply discounts for bulk buy, segmentation of customers, request a quote, flexible checkout, and more to simplify the B2B buying.

Customer Accounts

On-Account Checkout

The feature enables your customers to be pre-approved for checkout without making payments using their credit cards. The customer can do this only if they have logged in.

Tier Pricing

Tier Pricing

Do you want to give personalised pricing for your customers based on customer segmentation? Tier Pricing allows you to set personalised pricing and specific quantity breaks based on the customer accounts.

Why Choose O360?

At O360 is an advanced website, Ecommerce, and custom software developer in Australia with a focus on creating disruptive online brands with the best technology solutions. We have a versatile and expert team of project managers, Ecommerce developers, software developers, UX designers, and more to give you end-to-end service in-house.

You will find us the ideal partner for your Ecommerce feature development with the following characteristics:


Agile Development

At O360, we complete each project in shorter sprints for faster delivery with superior quality. The agile development methodology ensures improved collaboration of our team with you. Therefore, you have a better understanding of how the solution is going to transform your business operations and customer engagement.

This approach of Ecommerce feature development allows you to identify the additional requirements and greater visibility of functionality. This enables you to work with us, quickly add additional features, and tune them according to your specific needs.


Latest Development Trends

We are up to date with the latest trends of the Ecommerce industry and continually expand the features and options to make our clients get an early advantage of technology. This also makes them position a few steps ahead of their competitors. No matter you want to add a single-page checkout option or voice-search capabilities for Ecommerce, you will find us the finest choice for your needs.

Regardless of the type of feature you need us to develop, we will ensure that they are completely integrated into your environment and deliver a seamless performance.

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Superior Safety And Security Standards

System safety and data security are the most important aspects that can ruin an Ecommerce if things go wrong. SSL certification, firewalls, multifactor authentication for systems and payments, PCI compliance for card payment details collection, secure backup practices, and more will ensure that your customers confidently shop on your Ecommerce store.

Our advanced safety and data security standards will ensure that your system will be resilient to SQL injection attacks, phishing, spamming, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other major and minor threats.


A Team Of Expert Developers

At O360, we have an expert team of Ecommerce, website, and custom software developers to give you highly qualified services. We have established standard development practices and a clean code policy. This makes our solutions flexible, extendable, and deliver high performance.

Our developers are certified or approved by various Ecommerce builder platforms, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. They follow the instructions and guidelines of the respective platforms to develop high-performance solutions for our clients – ensuring you the best performing Shopify or Magento Ecommerce features for your store.


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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main features of Ecommerce?

The transformation of online sales in recent years and the growth of technology have brought tremendous competition in the Ecommerce industry. And customer experience became the primary factor for Ecommerce success. Some of the best Ecommerce website features that you can incorporate into your platform for optimal customer experience include personalisation, hassle-free and quick checkout, interactive platform, and more.

The multi-currency feature is another great option that gives people worldwide to choose your products and services. You can also incorporate different content types on your Ecommerce platform to give your customers a rich content experience. You can also include custom pricing options, content management capabilities, SEO friendly codes and layouts, and easy navigation options to ensure optimal traffic and help them have a seamless experience on your online store.

Who should I consult for Ecommerce features?

You should ensure that your Ecommerce is highly engaging, feature-rich, and easily manageable for business success. However, you might not know what features can help you improve engagement and sales and manage the business seamlessly from the background. Don’t worry; we welcome you to get expert advice and guidance from the consultants of O360.

We are a leading Ecommerce development company in Australia, and we have completed several hundreds of Magento, Shopify, and Wix Ecommerce feature development. We are up to date with the latest development trends of the Ecommerce world. Feel free to connect with our Ecommerce consultants today.