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Choosing O360 Solutions’ dedicated PHP developers means entrusting your project to the industry’s finest minds. Our team is committed to transforming complex web development challenges into innovative solutions with:

  • Expert Development: Leverage top-tier expertise for advanced web development projects.
  • Continuous Collaboration: Benefit from regular updates and transparent communication.
  • Zero Recruitment Hassles: Skip the recruitment and training process with our ready-to-deploy professionals.
  • Quality Code Standards: Expect high-quality, clean, and reusable code rigorously tested in-house.
  • Custom Engagement Models: Choose from flexible, budget-friendly plans tailored to your project needs.
  • Transparent Portfolio Access: Review our comprehensive portfolio to ensure we are the perfect fit for your PHP development needs.

Effortless Web Development with O360 Solutions’ PHP Experts

O360 Solutions’ PHP developers blend extensive experience and cutting-edge PHP trends to deliver unparalleled services. Whether you’re seeking a CakePHP specialist or a developer proficient in another PHP framework, O360 Solutions offers the ideal resource pool. Our expertise covers the entire development lifecycle, from initial scoping to launch and ongoing maintenance. Embrace flexibility by hiring our PHP web developers on an as-needed basis and jumpstart your project with:

  • Custom PHP & MySQL Solutions
  • ERP Software Innovations
  • Dynamic PHP-based CMS Development
  • API and Web Service Integration
  • Specialised PHP Module Development

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Tailored Billing for Unmatched Flexibility

Fixed Cost o360

Fixed Cost Plans

Ideal for large-scale projects with precise requirements.

Hourly bill

Hourly Billing

Perfect for small, short-term projects or maintenance needs.

Retainer o360

Retainer Agreements

Suitable for long-term projects with flexible, periodic payment preferences (biweekly or monthly).

O360 Solutions: Comprehensive PHP Development Services

Customised Solutions Across the Board

PHP-Based CMS Development

Craft a CMS platform in PHP that resonates with your business strategy, target audience, and content goals by hiring our expert developers.

Website Design & Development

Bespoke PHP Web Applications

Ensure project success with fast turnaround and the latest industry trends. Our PHP developer team guarantees high-performance web applications with standard PHP development procedures, security tools, and custom features.

Web Dev.

Future-Ready Web Solutions

Build systems adaptable to future growth and technological advancements. Our developers have years of experience developing disruptive web solutions and can quickly identify your current and future business needs, helping you leverage time-tested solutions.

Ecommerce Website Development

Engaging Portal Development

Create feature-rich interactive customer portals with a user-friendly and secure environment, personalising experiences and enhancing user engagement.

Magento Development

E-commerce Excellence

Develop innovative, easy-to-use e-commerce platforms with exceptional UI/UX design.

Web Design

Why Choose O360 Solutions for PHP Development?

O360 Solutions stands at the forefront of web, app, and e-commerce development in Australia, leveraging PHP to engineer cutting-edge solutions. Our developers are well-versed in the latest PHP frameworks, libraries, tools, and best practices, ensuring your project is innovative, scalable, and yields a significant ROI. We also guarantee the highest quality in every project by adhering to stringent development standards and clean code policies.

Embark on your PHP development journey with O360 Solutions and enjoy flexible, adaptable services tailored to your needs.

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Meet our handpicked PHP developers to find your project’s perfect match. We will assign you an expert PHP developer or a small team of developers based on your needs. You can interview them and ensure they fit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer in Australia?

There are many factors that decide the cost of hiring a PHP developer in Australia. It includes the developer’s expertise and experience, your project scope, the project timeline, and the urgency of your requirements. Note that the cost of writing custom scripts for a CMS or e-commerce platform cannot be matched with that of developing a new social media app from scratch with an integrated database and APIs.

Generally, hiring a freelance PHP developer in Australia costs around $50-$70.

But if you want to get the exact cost of hiring a PHP developer based on your project needs, contact O360 Solutions today. We can fulfil your needs, help you with project planning, and share detailed costs to hire the best PHP talent for your project from O360 Solutions.

Where do I find a PHP developer?

You can search for PHP developers on crowdsourcing marketplaces and freelance hiring platforms. However, crowdsourcing and freelancing platforms generally do not check the expertise and skillsets of professionals registered with their platforms. So, properly evaluate a PHP developer’s experience and ability to execute your project requirements to ensure you hire the best PHP developer for your needs.

If you want to ease your search for highly qualified and experienced PHP developers and start your project quickly, connect with O360 Solutions today. Our team of PHP developers have years of experience in every area of PHP development, from project scoping and planning to project launch and regular maintenance. They are the core of our development projects and will add value to your project with innovative ideas, standard development practices, and clean and reusable codes.