Next-Level Personalised Learning Experience

O360 offers a powerful, customisable learning management system that can shorten the learning curve of your workforce and contribute to the success of your organisation. We develop LMS systems based on the specific requirements of our clients – ideal for learning service providers, corporates, businesses, educational institutions, and organisations.

We create admin pages of the LMS platforms to help our clients quickly create courses without technical expertise. You can section them as lessons and add quizzes. Do you want to have some creative plays with questions and quizzes? We can develop an advanced quiz management system that enables you to set a timer for questions, randomise questions, offer quiz review and retake options, and more.

Do you want to create a highly interactive learning experience for your audience with different types of content? We generally develop learning management systems that allow our clients to include texts, videos, and slides. Apart from quizzes, you can also create assignments and question banks to help the audience take the learning to the next level.

With zoom conferencing and private messaging from the LMS system, you can manage your students or audience and ensure their collaboration during the learning process.

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The Comprehensive Learning Management?

You can manage everything from the LMS system, including payments, page styles, setting filters, and more. The certificate builder option allows you to offer certification by automatically adding images and content upon completing the program.

We will also integrate with various payment gateways, enable you to create various courses with price tags, and sell them with detailed report management. The learning management system will also allow you to track the instructors’ and students’ activities to help you understand the engagement. Apart from the admin dashboard, the LMS system can also include an Instructor dashboard and Student dashboard to help them manage the teaching activities and learnings better.

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A Range Of LMS Development Services

We offer a range of LMS development options that helps you choose the right service based on your needs.

E-Learning Courses

E-Learning Courses

Optimise the ROI of your courses by developing an online platform and launching them on it to make the courses accessible worldwide. You can market them as individual or subscription courses.

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Customise User Interface

We will create an impressive and engaging UI for your LMS and effectively incorporate the elements of your brand. From uploading the logo of your business to rebranding, you will find our LMS UI design solutions highly flexible and fully reflecting your current and future needs.

Responsive Magento Enterprise Solutions

Responsive LMS

The LMS solutions are designed to be fully responsive to the users’ devices and browsers. Our LMS developers ensure that your learning platform will in no way affect the user engagement and experience, making your services accessible for everyone.

Magento Consulting Services

Live Chat Option

Give your LMS platform a more interactive learning environment with a live chat option. This simplifies the learning for the students and helps the instructors to make the teaching more personalised. See a sharp increase in engagement for your learning programs.

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LMS Development Solution

Our expert developers will create a fully customised and highly interactive LMS platform that allows you to quickly launch your courses and manage every activity and process from the admin dashboard. We will give you a complete LMS development solution from project scoping to regular maintenance and help you achieve your business goals with learning.

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Searching For LMS Development?

At O360, we design LMS systems to give modern students and learners a new level of learning with optimal interaction and collaboration between instructors and students. Our LMS systems are open source, and we make them advanced by incorporating the latest technology trends.

  • As a leading LMS development company, we combine our expertise and innovative mindsets to give you powerful learning platforms and solutions.
  • Our technologies and tools help us give accurate solutions to your needs.
  • Highly intuitive and impressive UI to deliver a superior user experience.
  • A team of highly experienced LMS developers to create learning systems based on your requirements.
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Why Choose Us For LMS Development?

O360 is a trusted choice for Australia’s LMS and other digital development needs. We have developed custom LMS solutions for some of the leading brands of Australia and are up to date with the latest developments of the industry.

Our expertise will not only address your current needs but your future requirements as well. The highlights of our LMS services are the following:

  • High-quality LMS solutions at competitive prices
  • Consistent quality service regardless of your development needs
  • Agile development methodology to ensure quick delivery of projects with greater collaboration and superior quality.
  • Over 90 percent customer satisfaction.
  • 100+ projects delivered
  • Standard development practices and clean code policies to make future customisation and expansion hassle-free

Hire LMS Developers Of O360

LMS developers of O360 can quickly identify your requirements with their vast development experience and fit into their roles. Our developers have the acumen to learn the expectations of the audience or students and make your business goals are tuned accordingly to ensure optimal ROI from the project.

They also know different aspects of learning management and will create a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see detailed student profiles, their progress, instructors’ activities, and more. Our developers will also help you include advanced analytics options that better understand your students or audience and their preferences.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What should a good LMS have?

The primary characteristic of a good LMS is that it should have multiple options to increase the learner’s engagement and give hassle-free access to learning content. The system should be responsive to the devices and give learners options to personalise their learnings.

The additional features of a comprehensive LMS system include integration options with other systems such as talent management systems, data tracking options, offline learning trackers, assessment tools, test-out options, and more. It should also allow you to include a multilingual interface, mobile learning, remote learning, social learning features, and more to make courses inclusive for everyone.