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Choosing to hire a dedicated WordPress developer of O360 gives you the following advantages

  • Highly skilled and experienced WordPress developers help you with your complex development needs.
  • Regular reporting and an excellent eye on details to give you the best project outcomes.
  • Innovative approaches to developing highly-functional and time-tested WordPress solutions.
  • Service from the core developers of one of Australia’s leading WordPress development companies.
  • Seamless integration with various backend and third-party systems, including ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems, POS, payment gateways, and more for 360-degree visibility and business control.

What To Expect From The WordPress Developers Of O360?

O360 will give the best WordPress developers for your project, whether you want to develop a full-fledged website or blog. We will make your website feature-rich and highly engaging by incorporating the latest trends in the industry.

Whether you want to optimise your pages for voice search, create a video background, develop multi-purpose themes, or any other engagement or security features, our developers can add value to your project with their expertise.

Hire WordPress website developers of O360 for the following:

  • PSD to WordPress conversion
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress theme customisation
  • Custom WordPress web development
  • WordPress migration and maintenance services

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Fixed Cost o360

Fixed Cost

It is an ideal option for you if you have a lengthy project with definitive requirements. You will be charged a fixed amount for the entire service.

Hourly bill

Hourly Billing

If you have small-sized, short term, or periodic service projects, hourly billing may be more convenient for you. You can choose our hourly services – particularly useful for maintenance and up-gradation services.

Retainer o360


Our retainer services are ideal if you have a long-term project but prefer periodic payments to avoid cash flow issues. Therefore, you will be charged biweekly or monthly during the project duration.

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Hire WordPress Developer For A Range Of Services

CRM Integration

Get complete visibility and control over your customers and campaigns with custom CRM integration with your WordPress site. Whether you want to manage simple mail listing or seamlessly sync your advanced CRM, we can ensure that your systems are integrated based on your workflow.

Website Design & Development

WooCommerce Development

Quickly launch your custom WooCommerce store with the help of our experienced WordPress developers. They will help you create a feature-rich and highly engaging Ecommerce with seamless customer journey options for optimal sales and profits

Ecommerce Website Development

WordPress Web Design

Hire WordPress website developers of O360 to design and develop the site fully under your control. With their expertise and innovative mindsets, our developers can contribute to your website features and engagement options to help you create a unique online platform for your audience.

Web Design

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress offers a vast range of plugins and extensions. However, if you have specific requirements but can’t find the right plugin from the WordPress marketplace, our developers can create the ideal extension for your website from scratch.

Ecommerce Website Development

WordPress Theme Development

Hire a WordPress theme developer to help you install free and paid themes from the WordPress theme store or marketplace. However, if you want a custom theme to appeal to your audience, our developers can create one from scratch.

Custom Software Development

Custom WordPress Development

Do you want a specific feature to be added to your WordPress frontend or backend to improve audience engagement or simplify your website operations? You can develop custom features and additional functionalities for your store with the expert hands of our WordPress developers.

API Integration

Why Hire WordPress Developers Of O360?

O360 is a reputed WordPress development company in Australia with comprehensive development solutions. We have delivered various ranges of projects on WordPress to businesses in the country. As a digital solutions provider, we provide web, Ecommerce, and app development solutions from scratch as well as on various template platforms.

Additionally, we offer SEO, social media marketing, inbound marketing, integration services, custom software development, and more. All our WordPress experts are core developers as they are part of our WordPress projects of varied complexities.

We have established standard development practices and a clean code policy to make our projects expandable and customisable for our clients at any time without hassles. Hire WordPress developers of O360 to bring the values that we nurtured on them to your project. .

Inquiry o360


You fill up our online form or leave your message with your requirements. We will contact you to understand your needs better.

Interview o360


You will interview our dedicated WordPress developers to ensure they fit your projects. If you want more resources, we will provide you with a team of developers.

Qualified Integration Services -o360


You will interview our dedicated WordPress developers to ensure they fit your projects. If you want more resources, we will provide you with a team of developers.

Payment o360


We will discuss the payment terms, complete the induction process of the resources, and create a channel of communication for the resource management.

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Get Started

Now the WordPress developer is ready to start on, and you can begin or resume your project.


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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a WordPress developer charge per hour?

A number of factors decide the cost of a WordPress developer per hour. It includes the developer’s experience in years, project scope, the need of urgency for the developer, and more. If you want to create a complex website with several features, backend development, integration, database setup and maintenance, and more, you may want full-stack developers.

In Australia, you can expect the cost of hiring a WordPress developer in the range of $50-$150 per hour. Do you want to get the accurate cost for hiring a WordPress developer fitting your requirements? Connect with O360 today; we will learn about your requirements, give you a talent pool and pricing, and help you quickly induct qualified WordPress developers for your project.

Where can I hire a WordPress developer?

You can search on crowdsource marketplaces and freelance websites for WordPress developers. However, the expertise of the developers may be a big question mark, and you should interview them to ensure that they fit your needs. This is mainly due to most of these platforms do not have processes or procedures to check the expertise of the developers while registering.

If you want highly experienced WordPress developers, connect with O360 today. As a leading WordPress development service provider in Australia, we have a team of qualified developers who can provide you with end-to-end services, from project scoping to regular maintenance. Keep in mind that they are members of our core WordPress development and can add value to your project with innovative ideas and creative solutions.